B. Harlan

               A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.​​​​                                                                                      -Neil Gaiman

500 West 4th Street  
Tompkinsville, KY 42167

Phone: 270-487-5301
Fax: 270-487-5309

                 Hours:     Monday  8:30 - 6:00      Tuesday 8:30 - 5:00      Wednesday 8:30 - 5:00      Thursday 8:30 - 5:00      Friday 8:30 - 5:00     Saturday 8:30 - 2:00     

Upcoming Events

Christmas in July 
Friends of the Library Meeting 
Monthly Book Club -August
  1. Richard Turner presents WBHML Director Monica Edwards with a new flag.
  2. WBHML Director Monica Edwards cuts the ribbon to kick off our May 28th Open House.
  3. Blanche Trimble cuts the ribbon to the new elevators with help from Kathy Grace.
  4. Covalent Bond of Mr. Bond's Science Guys helps us kick off our A Universe of Stories Summer Reading Camp.
  5. Our afternoon camp found aliens lurking in the library.
  6. Morning campers take a break to build on our Lego table.
  7. Easter Eggs treats are compared after our 2019 Easter Egg Hunt.
  8. Batman pays a visit to WBHML on Free Comic Book Day to remind us about the importance of reading.
  9. Paige and Eternity are busy running the WBHML booth at the Fountain Run BBQ Festival.
  10. Making Galaxy Slime during the morning Summer Reading Day Camp.
  11. Learning phases of the moon in afternoon Summer Reading Camp.
  12. Prize winners during the WBHML 2019 Easter Egg Hunt.
  13. Mr. Bond's Science Guys Day 2 with Professor Graybeard.
  14. Batman oversees the activities during Free Comic Book Day.
  15. WBHML Director Monica Edwards explains the different books available to visiting students.
  16. Our crew is ready to greet visitors at the Fountain Run BBQ Festival.
  17. Lego Break!
  18. A prize winner at the 2019 WBHML Easter Egg Hunt.
  19. Our star-gazers in the afternoon Summer Reading Camp.
  20. Tie dye fun during Summer Reading Camp.
  21. Making solar lanterns in Summer Reading Camp.
  22. A Universe of Stories Art during Summer Reading Camp.
  23. You need to choose just the right color.
  24. Volunteer helper John Berry keeps our patron computers running.
  25. Professor Graybeard keeps everyone entertained.
  26. Puzzle break - you never know what fun things are going to happen in the children's library!
  27. Our student assistants Danni and Eternity help Director Monica Edwards unload donated books.
  28. Student Assistant Abbie helps sort our book donation.
  29. Our student assistants Danni, Abbie and Eternity unload donated books.
  30. Get Your Pinterest On - Painted Bookend Party
  31. Get Your Pinterest On - Painted Bookend Party